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How to Become a Security Guard in New Jersey

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a security guard in New Jersey, you’re definitely not alone. This is a common career path for many people across the country, and it’s an especially good choice if you’re looking for something that lets you work within an established framework while still allowing you to put your own stamp on things. The process.....
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What does a SORA license mean in security for New Jersey?

New Jersey has a law to regulate the licensing of security guards. This is known as SORA, or Security Officer Registration Act. The purpose of this act is to ensure that all security guards operating in New Jersey are properly trained and that they meet certain standards set by law. New Jersey is the 11th state to pass a SORA.....
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What is a SORA license in New Jersey (NJ)?

The Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) is the state law that applies to all security guards in the State of New Jersey. SORA requires security guards to take training from a licensed SORA trainer, register with the NJ State Police and carry their registration cards at all times while on duty. While a security officer is on duty, the employer.....
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Veteran Armed Security Guard Job

ARMED SECURITY GUARDS NEEDED ! FREE TRAINING FOR ALL MILITARY VETS!! Contact: Ms. Serena (Office Manager) (973)-230-3313 or 862-236-4762 ONLY Mon-Fri 10am to 3pm. ** Make sure to mention you are a VETERAN ** AMERICAN FIREARMS ACADEMY of New Jersey is assisting any veteran who is interested in becoming an armed guard the opportunity to obtain FREE training and become a Licensed.....
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Armed Security Guard Job

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! WE WILL TRAIN THE RIGHT CANDIDATESIf you are in need of help obtaining a Handgun Permit / Armed SORA Lic / Qualification Letter (which is required for Armed Security Officers) contact : Ms. Serena (Office Manager) 973-230-3313 Mon-Fri 10am to 3pm. CDL/NON CDL DRIVERS NEEDED ….ARMORED TRUCKING AND BLACK CARDrivers W/WO CDL for Armored and Black Car ServicesWe.....
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